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Columbarium / Ancestral Tablet

Burial Plots


Enlightenment Ceremony

At Rawang Memorial Park, we offer a wide range of services, furnished to meet the needs of families. Our custom-designed burial plots are carefully segregated into areas for devotees of different religious beliefs, namely Buddhism, Taoism and Christianity. Our designs can be constructed according to the wishes and financial concerns of families.

All burial plots and niches in Rawang Memorial Park are maintained and tended with care year-round, making it a lasting memorial park for future generations to visit and honour the lives of their loved ones.

Rawang Memorial Park Services
- Night services at wakes by a team of dedicated staff
- Specially-built resting area surrounded with landscaped scenery
- Aisles for the disabled and elderly
- Easy access to all burial plots
- Extra wide roads for easy driving and parking
- Car park within walking distance of burial grounds and columbarium
- 24-hour security service
- Fleet car leading to site
- Dedicated service teams are provided on site
- Enlightenment ceremony services

As Rawang Memorial Park progresses, new configurations of burial plot sizes and designs will be available. We are constantly working towards improving and expanding our services for the comfort and benefit of the families who visit us.